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Friday, July 24, 2015

"Time" song by The Voetberg Family Band

Time is ticking..... A lovely song that reminds me of the urgency to share the gospel with this generation, and not waste time.

You can hear the song here:

Song Lyrics: (written by The Voetberg Family Band) 
Time is always running round the clock
never stops to check, never looking back
Days and hours turn to history
won't it wait for me give me time to see
You sit around and sift through memories
watch them follow you, they try to swallow you
Now you're running and you're out of breath
you better stay right there, you better double check
If you could have all the time in the world
Is it enough to change all the changes-
put smiles on their faces
Could countless hours draw a line in the sand that you'd never have crossed
but the tides of these waters won't last.
Enlightened thoughts swing you high on a cloud
think you've got it down, proficient as a clown
If every seconds someone's history
you'd better hope you see beyond the mystery

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