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Saturday, July 12, 2014

Reasons Why Believers Do Not Grow Much

In his "Reasons Why Believers do Not Grow as Much as They Ought", an old Dutch theologian said this: he mentioned "gospel" reasons, like christians doubting their conversion, or presuming upon grace, but also included plain old laziness. 

"We indeed desire to be in an elevated spiritual frame and to grow as a palm tree, but we are not willing to exert any effort- and thus we also do not receive it."

Which is another way of saying there is no place for quietism in the quest for Christlikeness.

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(From page 90, "The Hole in Our Holiness" Kevin DeYoung) 

(Dutch theologian's quote from: "The Christian's Reasonable Service" trans. Bartel Elshout, ed. Joel R. Beeke. 4 volumes)

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