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Sunday, December 1, 2013

Tuesdays Unwrapped blog event

These are some pictures from a family walk we took on Thanksgiving evening. I always enjoy capturing the late warm sunlight glowing through leaves.

I have been enjoying reading the book, "Graceful" by Emily P. Freeman. She is hosting a fun blog link up event called "Tuesdays Unwrapped." If you want to join in go here:

Here are a few of the guidelines from her blog, chatting at the sky.

               Why Tuesday?
Tuesday is the most sensible day of the week. It is a perfectly ordinary, no-fuss, introverted day. This blog is titled Chatting at the Sky because of a line in a song called Tuesday written by Sarah Masen. What happens on our Tuesdays is usually not very extraodinary. Which is exactly why it is so important. Here is where you keep time, in this home with these people and this skin on. Here, on this ordinary Tuesday, is where we learn to be human.

What should I write in my post?

Anything that causes you to pause and celebrate the moment. Not what will be or what is to come, but what is real and true this day: the messy, the lovely, and the unexpected. Share a photo, a story, or anything that offers a glimpse into your own journey of discovering the gifts in the midst of the ordinary.

Can anyone join?

Yes. Anytime. Anyone. You don’t even have to have a blog. Just unwrap that Tuesday gift right there in the comments. But if you do have a blog, link up in the inlinkz by putting your name and then the permalink to your Unwrapped post. They may ask you to choose a photo to go with your link. Then link back to Chatting at the Sky so your readers will be able to read/join as well, if they would like.

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