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Friday, September 28, 2012

Icthys fish

We found this piece of scrap metal at the Lifehouse. 

Wales- England Trip Part 3

This is part 3 in my series of posts about our England trip. 

This was our first time to see Beautiful Wales. I was excited.
After several hours of driving, we finally arrived in Wales. (3 hours to be exact)
This is us looking out at an old Roman village just outside of Newport.
                                                                  The view

             Lydia, glad to get out of the car and stretch her legs.

    A dear brother and his sister, who gave us a delicious picnic lunch, a great selection of old books, and sweet fellowship in the Lord.

                                      Automatic door at St. Fagan's National History Museum.
                                                                Cardiff, Wales.

These windows  were cut out of the wall in an old building made out of stone. The walls were so thick that it was nice and cool inside!

                                  This was an interesting history of different uses for pigs in Wales.
                 In the old days, people were so industrious not wasting anything! "Waste not, want not."
                                                           The same sign in Welsh

                                                    Mum and Lydia in the forest at the museum.

                                         I thought this made an interesting picture.
                                  This was inside the front hallway of an old schoolhouse at the museum.

                      Can any of my readers tell me what these are used for? They must be some kind of school item.

                                  "CLOGS are the best type of protective industrial footwear..."

                                   There was a craftsman in this workshop making custom clogs.

                                           Sign in grocery store window from the 1800s.

                                         Anna and Sarah walking at St. Fagan's Museum.
                   There was a lovely forest to walk in on our way to the outdoor exhibits and buildings.
                                                                   local flora

                         Lydia playing hopscotch on the flag stone path into St. Teilo's Church building.

               St. Anne's Lace. I took this photo just as the sun was starting to go down. Isn't the light beautiful?

                                  Lydia pretending to cook inside a small yurt/tent at the museum.

                                           The doors were just the right height for her!

                                                        Forest at St. Fagan's Museum.

                                                              Back on the road again.
(photo by Sarah)

                                                                  (photo by Sarah)
                                  On our way to our friends' home in Prince's Gate, Narberth.

                                      Look for more pictures of Wales in the next post!