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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Trip to Dallas, TX

We saw some friends during a trip to Texas recently. This is the sunset one of the the nights we were there. 
                                        This is they're beautiful daughter! :-)


     We were outside swinging on the swing set... She enjoyed playing with my little sister.

                                   Anna and Sarah found a tree frog.....
                                           Grape leaves....

                                   The sunset was beautiful. I can never seem to capture the true colors of a sunset.

                                        I got to tickle the ivories a bit after supper.....

                                              I liked the reflections in these chandelier crystals.

                                 Tazo tea. + relaxed evening + friends + good conversation = nice time.

  The next day, we went to a coffee supplier warehouse. They had some neat artifacts there. This was a cash register.

                                                      colorful Tiffany glass lamps.

                                           coffee art

                                    I like distressed furniture like this and the blue color is great too.

                                             Bright stripes!

                                            "Sip by sip, not gulp by gulp" The Republic of Tea's motto.

                                     These were some tea shelves with vintage labels.

                                This is the owner of the coffee supply store and us. He is a nice, friendly man and we enjoyed meeting him.  (Julia and Jonathan are absent in this picture because they took the train to Forth Worth.)

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