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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Just some old pictures....

Okay, these are some old pictures.(I took them in June 2010) so you are probably asking, "Why did you wait till 2012 to post some pictures from 3 years before? well this is my reason, and I'm sticking to it:  "I have never posted them before, so I thought, here's my chance. Before I forget. Or worse, the end of the world happens".... just kidding! I have been scouring the old iphoto files for some hidden gems that maybe got overlooked and hidden behind ebay listing photos, and the 1,000 pictures of the sheep and goats and flowers.... I also found some megapixel dust....

I unearthed these artifacts that I thought were pretty cool. Check them out. Make sure you have some nice piano (or favorite instrument of choice) music playing softly in the background and have a nice cup of hot tea (or coffee, if you must) and enjoy these pixelated colors shining through your glass screen.
That's all for now folks! Okay, on to the real stuff. a.k.a: the real purpose of this blog post.
 Now that is how you are supposed to spell "licorice." smile. It makes sense to spell something the way you pronounce it doesn't it?

                             No, this isn't Boston, this is Bristol, England. Maybe some US expats setting up shop on the                   other side of the pond to remind themselves of home.

self portrait at Cath Kidston's shop

isn't this polka dot chair lovely?

busy shoppers

lunch break

This man was preaching the Gospel out in the open air. Imagine that! He has courage, I can tell you.

In one of Daddy's favorite places, a music store

                                       These mugs' cartoons are funny and true.

          typical small British shops on a small street

Looks like some sort of meeting going on here. Maybe a college group studying humanities and social science in the

                                   Some Cath Kidston fabric I bought and a notebook of stickers.

I think some football games (more commonly called soccer in the US) were going on.
Showing some team spirit.

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