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Thursday, July 29, 2010

"Emmanuel, God is with us" and photos

Tree in motion..... actually the car was in motion! :-)

Lossy Mouth, in Scotland (What a name!)

Serene shores in Gourock   June 2010

---Green Field--- Bristol (again taken in the car)
June 2010 

That's the spirit! A patriotic residence in Bristol. 

---Lunch break---
                                    Bristol, England

Daddy talked to the taxi driver about how nicely the English design their truck banner/logos. Compare this truck to the next big truck you see on the highway! (to my American blog readers) :-)

I think Walmart just lost the game against Sainsbury's! 


♥Georgie♥ said...

BEAUTIFUL photos!!!! come join us on the okie network of the RHOK and Okie Blogs!

Sharon said...

Thank you for your delightful note on our blog; I would love to visit with you more. You can correspond with me at if you desire. I'd love to dialogue with you about missions.
The 'favorite missionary-kid' on our last post isn't actually my daughter but would be proud to have her as my own. She actually serves the Lord with her family in Indiana on some university campuses there. She is also quite musical.
I loved visiting your blog. I too love photography but don't really know what I am doing. Often I am shooting out of the car window. :)Keep working on your photography.
Hope your week is full of blessings from the Lord.

The Burnett Family said...

Hi, Elizabeth! Thanks for your encouraging comment on our blog. Have fun memorizing 1 Peter! Lots of priceless truth in those verses. I'm currently working on Hebrews 11. :)

Press on for Him!