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Thursday, July 29, 2010

An Et-cetera post... random photos....

I had a friend (Mrs. F. in CO) ask for photos of my aprons... so finally, here are pictures of them..... and some other pictures too. Enjoy!

Have a blessed day in our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!
Joyfully HIS,
Elizabeth <><

 At "Cath Kidstons" Fabric and accessories shop in Bristol this year. 
The camera strap was made by a homeschool friend, and it traveled all the way from OKC to Scotland and England and back again!  :-)
She sells them too. Her blog is:

I made an apron for a lady at the Farmer's Market out of this fabric.

The apron (It still needs the ties and neck band but other than that it is finished)

A new friend who came to my booth at the market. She got her flowers at the same place  I get mine! Aren't they beautiful?


Strange words ( Traditional Gaelic Scottish) in Dunoon, Scotland June 2010

Our Musical family!

                                           Sweet smile! :-)

Now this is a photo for Jonathan, this has become his favorite store recently. In just one week we went to 5 different locations!

The family chauffeur (my mum) grew weary of driving us to Home Depots after a while! He was comparing brands and prices for a drill or jigsaw, or something like that..... How would I know? I am not the tool person of the family....  :-)
I gave out plenty of VIAs (gospel magazines printed in Canada) to the employees at each store.  One checkout cashier clerk asked for more, saying emphatically,  "Our employees need religion!"
 "No," I replied, "They need a RELATIONSHIP, (with Jesus Christ) not religion!" :-)

In Elgin during the Scottish International Festival of Trumpets. 

This  Roman soldier guarded us as I listened to dry, long seminars about the different kinds of trumpet mouthpieces and the patents needed for those trumpet mouthpieces.... 
How dare spell checker highlight "Elgin"? It is a legitimate name! I know because I have been there. :-) 

After our Homeschool Band Concert 
May 2010

Flying back to the States from Scotland...
And no, I wasn't in the plane pictured! I was on the ground at the time. :-)

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