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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

---Candid shots--- :-)

Announcing free musical JAM SESSIONS this summer, 
when? every 2nd Friday night 
what time? 7pm-9pm or later.... :-)

Bring your friends and family along...
 and an instrument or two for some good-old-fashioned  fun!

The dates for your calendar....
We'd enjoy seeing you, so come on by!
August 13, 2010         7pm
September 10, 2010   7pm
and October 8, 2010  7pm

Guest book for the Lifehouse books and coffee shop.
1 NW 12th Street Oklahoma City, OK
Come by Monday to Friday 11am till 6pm! 

       in the stairwell of the 2nd floor.

     stairs to the 5th floor at the Lifehouse (LH for short)

guess who? 

                    black and white study of light and shadows

Concord grape leaf. 
Notice the heart shaped shadow of a tendril vine?

--- self portrait ---



Our dive bomber mother hawk. It has pecked some of us already!

1 comment:

Bethany Joy said...


Wow! Your photography is really good! I thought I might comment on your blog, because I have been reading it for a long time and never commented! By the way, I am Amy's younger sister.