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Sunday, May 24, 2009

Annual Olympic Day May 21, 2009

A sweet baby I photographed at our "Sports day".

...... So cute, I like her blue eyes!

What's been happening recently....

Olympic Day was last Thursday. We were out in the park running races and talking to other fellow participants and friends and trying to stay out of the sun. :-)
There were 100 yd, 200 yd, and 50 yd. dashes and hurdles. And the Football Throw, Soccer Kick, and the last and most popular contests: Jump-Rope and Hoola-Hoop races. By 3:30 pm, I was ready to come home to the air conditioned house, and a cool shower!
Then, we left again at 6 pm for our homeschool band concerts. I played "This is My Father's World" on the piano and daddy played along on trumpet. A Father/Daughter duet :-) A few of the same people who we saw at Olympic day earlier were also at the concert that night. A long, busy day for sure! Mommy said I was the unofficial "staff photographer" for Olympic Day! :-)
It was a satisfactory, fun, day for our family!

A cute set of siblings :-)


jerusha said...

Elizabeth –
I found your blog through Julia's and have since checked your blog occasionally and enjoy reading it. Some of your projects have inspired me. I noticed that some of your cards photoed use fabric scraps (please correct me if I am wrong) and think that would be a great idea to use up some of those scraps I am loath to throw away! Also, I like one of the dresses you sewed for Lydia (from the archives in March) and am interested in how you made it.

It looks as though you had fun at your homeschoolers' Olympic Day. Our family has been to a few homeschoolers' sports days too.

Sorry for the length of this comment!

In Christ,

amy said...

Little children are so much fun to take pictures of! They are so cute! I'm enjoy taking pictures of my younger siblings.