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Monday, October 13, 2014

Lebanon 2014 -Part 2-

As promised. Part Two of my photos from Lebanon. I will do Part Three later. 

Cross in the mountains showing that it is Maronite land.

      Local shops

     Prickly flowers. I think they are related to the thistle.


      Goats scampering across a road in the Lebanese Mountains.
     Delicious fresh fruit and veg. I made sandwiches with labneh (thick yoghurt the consistency of cream cheese) cheese and cucumber in Saj. (flat bread.)

     Hot Lebanese bread with beef and spicy pepper on it.  I got this fresh from the bakery down the street from where I was living.

     Ma'amoul cookies. Similar to butter cookies with date filling in the middle.

       Arabic, French and English. The three languages of Lebanon... all seen on a car license plate.

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