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Monday, August 27, 2012

England July-Aug 2012

Here is the first installment of photos from our trip to England. Enjoy! 
Coming up next is Wales and London after that. 

My little sister and our British cousin. They were just about to go horse riding in this picture.

                                   Daddy and a friendly chap we met at the riding stables.

                                         Horse riding on Dartmoor. This was so much fun!

                                                                At Grandma's house.
                                                                     photo by Sarah 

photo by Sarah 
D-Day Monument in Torquay by the harbor.

                                                                                                   photo by Sarah 

                                     An English cottage with sheep grazing in the field.
                                                                   photo by Sarah  

                                                          British Patriotism

                                        St. Mary's Church of England in Abbotskerswell.
                                                                    photo by Jonathan      
                                   Daddy and Jonathan played in a local community band.

                                                      The two cousins on Dartmoor.  :-)

Some of us after a hike on Dartmoor. 

                                                               Grandma's beautiful garden.

                                                                           photo by Sarah 

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Leo said...

What a nice trip you had =)
How was the ministry at the Olympic that you mentioned? Hope it was a great success too.
God bless!