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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Shanghai pictures -Sep 2010-

                      Pray for CHINA!

                  Shanghai at the World EXPO

The UK Pavilion
 Each one of those plastic spikes has a rare (or almost extinct)
 seed at the end of it.  From the inside of the building you can see each individual seed up close.

 Mom and little daughter in Shanghai.
8:30 am after Tai Chi.

 Tai Chi in the park 

Early morning chores in Shanghai. 

 Park by night in Shanghai 

Everyone wanted their picture taken with us. During the whole trip!

My littlest sister really missed me the whole trip, she was so, glad to see me when I got back! She would follow me around all day, as if I would disappear or something.
  Sisters are the best :-) :-) 

The Libya Pavilion

The workmens' tools at the World Expo (they were still completing the Libya exterior) 

We watched a musical concert performed by Angolan musicians 

More pictures coming soon!
Next up is more of Shanghai and then Hong Kong.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

China :-)

I am back from an amazing 3 weeks in China. I enjoyed Shanghai, Hong Kong, Chong Qing, the Yangtze River Cruise, (Saw the 3 Gorges Dam and went through my first lock) and then Beijing. Here are a few of my impressions of China, the Middle Kingdom. In Chinese, the two characters for "China" are;  which means "middle" by itself, and  "Country".
America is: 美国
Canada is: 加拿大
South America is: 南美洲
Africa is: 非洲

It is so different from my "quiet" hometown. The people everywhere, the buses, subways, taxis, bikes, motorcycles, the noise. The airports with hallways stretching into seemingly endless space. Quiet Hutongs (side streets off the main road) and local markets. Traditional Chinese Herbal medicine markets. Street shops selling trinkets, jewelry, and almost anything you can think of.

Meeting friendly people who want their picture taken with you. :-) Learning Chinese characters, and singing hymns in pinyin. (the pronunciation of chinese characters) Saying "Shia, Shia!" several times a day. 谢谢 Xie, Xie (Thank you)  

Having fun recognizing and remembering simple characters, practicing using chopsticks, trying and liking the flavorful hot pot. (soup made from duck broth, duck neck and other vegetables and meats, spicy green onion, and flavored with lachow sauce (very spicy,chinese flavoring/sauce) All in all, I had an exciting time learning more about the culture, customs, and meeting new friends with the people of China. I can't wait to go back! From Shanghai to HK, to Chong Qing to Hubei Province (via a cruise on the Yangtze River) and then to Beijing, I was humbled to see how people on the other side of the world live joyfully and without complaining. Sometimes in a simple dwelling, or maybe in an apartment complex with a little grass in the common park area, or on a Hutong in Beijing, within walking distance of Tianamen Square. 

I am so thankful for my home and family and I realize more and more how much God has blessed me! :-)  

Joyfully HIS, 
Pray for China  

"Better City, Better Life" (a link to the WORLD EXPO. I visited this in Shanghai)

爱玩简单字符识别和记忆,练习用筷子,尝试和喜欢的美味火锅。 (汤液制成的鸭,鸭脖等蔬菜和肉类,葱辣,与lachow酱(非常辣中国调味品/酱油,调味)