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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

More photos from my travels~

This was a wall made from glass with huge letters saying "departures" (at the airport)

    photographing Lossy Mouth (the sea) in Elgin, Scotland
     At the train station- he was enjoying his 'cuppa in the morning.
  I edited this one quite a bit as you can tell, I like the dramatic feel.

               An old walking stick with a real ram's horn.
                                   Gourock, Scotland

In Great Britain they say, " there's a queue" not "wait in line."

Some anonymous buskers in Elgin.  :-)
     Back in Oklahoma....

      A sheepdog in Dunoon.

      With his master 

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Sarah said...

Hi Elizabeth!! Thanks for your comment on my blog, and thanks for following. You're the best. ;)

I left a comment on my blog after yours, regarding your question. I hope it helps. If it doesn't be sure to let me know and I'll try to help you understand it better. You'll definitely have to download it's completely free and safe.

What blog template do you use? It looks like your pictures are a little big for the template. I'd recommend finding a bigger template or having your pictures smaller. Just a suggestion. :D

Great pictures girl!! Can't wait to see more!