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Monday, May 31, 2010

Photography Cards for SALE

I have a selection of my photographs now available on greeting cards. Each card comes with an invitation sized envelope, and is blank on the inside for your own message.
They are $5 each with shipping/postage included.

Ask me about any photo you have seen on this blog and I can possibly make you a card with that specific photo. Just leave a comment to order your card.

~Thank you!

detail of one of the greeting cards

You can use silver or glittery gel pens for writing on this card. It shows up really nice against the black.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

The little details in life...

The delicate floral motif sprinkled on this baby's dress,
adds a touch of old fashioned charm, 
and loveliness to any day.

The gleam of a setting sun glows softly through slats in a humble but useful object- a laundy basket.

Knitted with love

texture and contrasting colors

winding spiral staircase in Kusadasi, Turkey 

Early morning light as seen through melted and then beveled- sand, limestone and soda ash, 
 usually refered to as glass.

"Yes, I live on 47th and Downing Road, number 3- 
the blue door with the lion door knocker. 
It is on your immediate left, 
you can't possibly miss it, 
oh do deliver the flowers as soon as you can, 
won't you?  Thanks very much, Cheerio then!" 
(imaginary phone call) 

Blue Door in Birmingham

Exposed to the elements.... 
 aged gradually in thunderstorms, 
sweltering heat,  
cold in the winter....
 Factory doors on a warehouse in  the Turkish countryside

Freshly baked chocolate brownies and a "cuppa" tea.

Late afternoon reminiscences 

"Because all flesh is as grassand all the glory of man 
     as the flower of the grass. The grass withers, And its flower falls away, But the Word of the LORD endures FOREVER."                   

1 Peter 1: 24-2

Sunday, May 23, 2010


Lydia and I wearing our matching skirts. Julia made Lydia's dress and I made my skirt.

Little girls and flowers just go together like strawberries and cream!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The GREAT Outdoors- Macro version

"And He shall be as the light of the morning, when the sun riseth, even a morning without clouds; as the tender grass springing out of the earth by clear shining after rain."

2 Samuel 23:4

Lew Sterrett comes to Oklahoma

In one exciting night, Mr. Lew Sterrett trained an unbroken, 2 year old mare and finally rode her. It was the first time she had been ridden, having come from a winter of roaming free in a pasture. As he worked with the horse- at first just trying to get her to turn her head and face him with both eyes, he talked about our relationship with the Lord and how people- like the mare- are untrained and too busy "doing" to hear God's still small voice. We are called "human beings" not "human doings" after all! Good point.
Sometimes we get so busy we forget to just "be" for a moment. She kept deciding to do her own thing and run away (as far as she could in the confines of the pen) from Mr. Sterrett.

He put the rope over her eyes to see if she would trust him. After this he had her walk around and follow him by listening to his voice. Then after he took the rope off she started following him around all by herself. The way we should hunger for God so much that we can not afford to let Him out of our sight.

It was a great night of learning more about how we as Christians should live.
Hungering after the Lord "as newborn babes desire the pure milk of the word, that you may grow thereby. If indeed you have tasted that the Lord is gracious."
1 Peter 2: 2-3

Sunday, May 16, 2010

A book published in 1890

About the Author of the book, "Natural Law in the Spiritual World."

Henry Drummond was born near Stirling, Scotland, on 17 August, 1851. He was educated at the Universities of Edinburgh and Tübingen. His life was largely spent in the work of the Toynbee Order and in scientific and other travel. He accompanied Sir Archibald Geikie (Director-General of the Geological Survey) in a survey of the Rocky Mountains in 1878, made an exploration in Central Africa in 1884-85, and travelled widely in Australia and the Far East. He later became Professor of Natural Science at the College of the Free Church of Scotland.

I found this interesting old book yesterday. It was published in 1890 and is called "Natural Law in the Spiritual World" by Henry Drummond. It is about the Hermit Crab and parasites that live off of them. Then he parallels the crabs life and activities with the Spiritual world.

I enjoyed reading some of it. If you want to add a few "new" old (in usage in 1890) words to your vocabulary, then I would encourage you to check it out. The book cane be found online at the link below.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Sunset and bird

Hope is patiently waiting expectantly for the intangible to become reality.
-Avery D. Miller